Making a difference to your life

Making a difference to your life

At WA Davidson, we treat our clients’ investments as we do our own. We don’t compartmentalise retirement funds, tax, estate planning, healthcare and risk assurance. Rather, because we know how they impact on each other, we develop composite, yet flexible solutions that are aligned with each client’s objectives and circumstances.

Simultaneously we …

  • Keep a vigilant eye on the local and global market, tracking trends and looking out for new local and global investment opportunities
  • Monitor, review and fine-tune each client’s investment strategy and portfolio on an ongoing basis

To strengthen our knowledge and strategies, our resources include…

  • Cutting-edge risk profiling technology and methodology
  • Independent asset and portfolio management research and ratings
  • South Africa’s largest multi-asset manager

After the medical profession, FINANCIAL PLANNING has been described as the second most important profession in the world. Since modern medicine extends people’s lifespan, we ensure that you have enough money to enjoy your longevity.


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